Construction Training

Our personnel training services organize and arrange suitable and adequate training for construction, property, and engineering workforce by providing a range of functions covering aspects such as:

– Construction training

– Competency requirements

– Industry scheme requirements

– Training needs analysis

– Industry and legislative compliance requirements

– Awarding body and qualification schemes

– Health & Safety

– A sample of the training Citypoint has undertaken for temporary workers:

Competency and Training Needs Analysis

– Training Services can conduct training need analysis per individual to identify:

– Previous skills and qualification

– Existing skills and qualifications

– Current competencies

– Additional skills and abilities

– Relevant skills, qualifications and abilities

– Training, skills and qualifications needs and requirements

– Professional development options

– Progression – short, medium and long term goals

– Health & Safety Pack

Specific Benefits to you:

– Negotiate maximum rates of pay for temporary workers

– Organise and facilitate a portfolio of training and development courses nationally

– Negotiate reduced rates for all training provision

– Assist you to gain suitable and current qualifications (competency)

– Assist you to maintain existing competencies and skills

– Assist you to gain recognition through industry accredited schemes

– Enable your speedy and repeated placement (competent and qualified)

– Provide you with up to date information on Health & Safety

– Assist you to be Health & Safety aware and compliant

– Maintain and enable your continued personnel and professional development


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