Facility Management

Citypoint provides solutions to help you run your business better.   With our building engineers working to make sure all systems are running effectively and efficiently, and our administrative offices handling the paperwork, you can focus on what you do best: your business.

With Citypoint performing your property accounting tasks, you can clearly define your cost of doing business and cut your property insurance expense at the same time. Your property is taken care of without the expense of providing a full-time supervisor. Take care of your investment by outsourcing the property management.

There are several advantages to outsourcing this facet of your business:


Experience – We have professionals with more than 20 years of experience providing property management services for owners and tenants, and therefore know where savings can be made without risking down-time. Outsourcing allows you to concentrate your efforts in your own area of expertise, without bothering you with the aggravation of the maintenance and repairs.

Reporting – Monthly reports give you concise accounting of the property expense, keeping it separate from your other corporate overhead. We are able to create a personalized report format, so you can read it with ease, and make one easy entry into your income statement. This can be done through multiple accounting systems to meet your required format.

Service – Leading edge technology with old-fashioned service. If we can’t be there within an hour, it’s at least within the day. We maintain a “no carry-over” work order policy.   And our service is only a phone call or email away. When problems arise, we provide solutions with desired outcomes that relate directly to the success and well being of the specific property.

Let’s get together and discuss your property needs.


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