Property Consultancy

Our involvement does not start and end with a sale or purchase; we offer a range of property consultancy services helping to establish, maintain and develop the capital and rental value of your property. Today’s real estate market more and more homeowner’s find themselves renting out their property. This trend is forcing many homeowners to become landlords and property managers. Here are just a few examples of clients Citypoint Global Properties works with.

– Couples or individual’s who need to re-locate because of job change, job loss, or career change and cannot sell their existing home. Their home has been on the market for months sometimes even years. Becoming a landlord may in some cases fill a need that allows them to move on with their current situation.

– Clients who want to take advantage of the current low rates and purchase an investment property. You have no idea how to manage the property and would like some feedback on how to rent out or deal with investment property.

– Heirs or an estate interested in renting out the property while the estate is settled and in need of an honest property manager.

Some questions you may be asking yourself in regards to renting out your home.

How do I find good quality tenants?

What are the legal considerations to consider?

How do I screen tenants?

What if I have a problem with the property?

What if my tenant ask me a question I don’t’ know the answer too?

What should I charge for rent?

What expenses are involved in investment property?

Am I qualified to manage a rental property?

This is where Citypoint’s Consulting Services comes in. We save you time, money and energy by working with someone who has “Been There, Done That”. By working with us, we can offer our years of experience managing residential rental property.

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